Do you only rent dresses or do you also sell them?

I have stocked up and would be willing to sell some of the outfits. Lederhosen cost $225 and Dirndl are between $200 and $250 depending on the type.

How far in advance should I reach out for a rental?

Get in touch with me 1-2 weeks prior to your event so we can arrange for an appointment in time.

Last minute inquiries are also great, please email and call / text message me and make sure you let me know the day of your event so and that is coming up soon!

IMPORTANT: It makes most sense to come by as close to this day as possible as your rental will start at the day of pick up. No 'hold' or 'reserve' specific outfits, the only way to secure your outfit is to start the rental.  It is on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Is there a store I can visit and take a look at the various choices?

We are operating by appointment only. We can certainly see you to have a browse of outfits, but if you come too early and fall in love with that one particular outfit - I cannot hold it back for you to pick it up another day. To ensure you have it for your event, you'd need to take it with you = start the rental. $95 per 5 days + $30 for every extra 5 days extension...

How and when should I get in touch with you?

You can reach out to me via email, phone (text or voicemail - please leave name, and date of event!) or facebook message. Please allow me some time to get back to you as I may be out of town at the time of your inquiry.

Do you have kids & toddler sizes?

Yes, I have girls / toddler Dirndl dresses (2 - 8 years) and boys / toddler boys Lederhosen (2 - 10 years) as well as a few cute Bavarian style toddler shirts (s 18 mo - 3 years).

What kind of shoes should I wear with the Dirndl?

For the ladies I recommend ballet flats. 

Though there are special traditional shoes that some Germans wear with their Dirndl, the majority of people I know and see at Oktoberfest in Munich wear ballet flats or similar with their outfits. If you like the heels or boots – go for it and create your own style, it's definitely just as authentic - just less practical when you think about dancing on benches and tables as they do in Germany...

Men: Simple leather dress shoes or even plain sneakers such as Converse etc... that's very popular in Germany right now. Boots work very well too of course.

Do you have hats?

Yes. Hats are for sale only, no hat rentals.  I have grey fun felt hats ($25) as well as more fancy women's hats with feathers in pink ($30). All new & original items from Munich, Germany!

Do you have shoes, socks, stockings?

No. But my outfits are the original ones so you will look very authentic without any of those accessories.

Shirts - I don't rent out shirts but recommend wearing a plaid shirt or white dress shirt (long sleeve, short sleeve - roll up the sleeves, all great options)

Do I clean the outfits myself?

Please do NOT clean the outfits yourself and please do not attempt to clean stains out of the outfits yourself as this may damage them even more. The outfits need special care and cleaning is included in the rental fee.

How do I pay for the rental?

Payment is cash only and in advance at the time of the costume pick up.

Do you give group discounts?

No sorry, no group discounts.

Do you offer long term rentals?

Yes, this is an option. Please get in touch with me directly for conditions and pricing details as these vary depending on the time of the year and the duration of the rental. 

 RENTAL POLICY – continued

In the event of loss or non-return, Renter agrees to pay the replacement value of costumes. By law, failure to return rented merchandise is a Criminal Offense. Offenders will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. All merchandise remains the property of the RENTER (Karin Mueller) while in possession of the Renter.


We require a photo I.D. in the form of drivers license or B.C. I.D. – with the current address listed, or a security deposit in the form of cash if according I.D. is not available.