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 Get ready for Oktoberfest in Vancouver & Rent traditional German outfits from the German!

Dressing up for Oktoberfest in Vancouver or Greater Vancouver Area? Looking for a fun Halloween Costume? Feel like dressing up for the German Christmas Market?

Or just another random costume party and you are thinking 'Oktoberfest costume gone wild...'?

Or maybe you just want to surprise your European friends with an original outfit for the next sunny BBQ day? Beer festival?

Do you have German heritage and have long dreamed about breaking out your Lederhosen? Are you in a German language group or a student? These outfits will definitely help you getting your message across!  

Are you promoting beer, cheese or any other Europe style product and are looking for outfits for your promotion staff, waitress and servers? Lederhosen and Dirndl will spike your sales for sure.

Work in the creative sector such as photography or film industry? Are you producing a movie or short film and are wondering how to make your talent look like they're fresh from the boat... from Germany that is. (I have long been waiting for a remake of the famous movie Beerfest! Just with better Beerfest dresses...

And let's face it - these outfits will please the Swiss and the Austrian just as well, so get in touch with me and arrange an appointment to take a look at the over 150 different Dirndl dresses and Lederhosen!  

There's even a large selection of very elegant silk Dirndl that suit the more luxurious taste - I also have the long full length dresses & yes, some of my outfits fit pregnant ladies as well!

Call us today to get a proper German Oktoberfest outfit - Germany in Vancouver is your official Oktoberfest Costume Rental in the Lower Mainland.